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Border patrol 5 page essay

Border patrol 5 page essay

Political science research papers discuss the government's roll in providing border protect for the citizens of the country. Border protection is an area of increasing concern in the modern age. With the spread of international terrorismall nations want to know who is crossing their borders. In the United States, its lengthy southern border with Mexico remains a hot-button political issue, rife with controversy over: Illegal immigration Narcotics smuggling Threat of terrorism The U.

Customs and Border Protection agency operates at ports of entry across the United States, covering air, land, and sea. The Mission of the Border Patrol The primary mission of the Border Patrol remains to detect and prevent the border patrol 5 page essay entry of alien nationals into the United States.

Border protection for the United States therefore covers miles of international land borders for both Canada and Mexico, as well as miles of coastal area. Border protection involves the maintenance of surveillance, staffing traffic checkpoints, and conducting linewatch operations along borders in order to prevent and intercept individuals from illegally entering a nation.

Our results identify nine factors and sixteen sub-factors influencing this border patrol 5 page essay.

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